The gold standard unit-dose systems for disposable use

UDS are applicable for therapies where a small and very precise amount of active drug formulation is required in a single nasal shot. Some of these therapies delivered intra-nasally require high deposition in targeted areas of the nasal cavity. The nose-to-brain pathway which may allow therapeutic compounds to enter the CNS requires the targeting of the upper part of the nasal cavity or “the olfactory region”.

Our range of UDS, and in particular the UDS powder, is designed to address the nose-to-brain pathway. Dry powder formulations bring additional benefits such as lack of preservatives, administration of larger doses of drugs and the improved stability of the formulation.

Key Features

  • Accurate one shot drug delivery
  • One handed actuation, can be used in any position
  • Suitable for liquid and powder drug delivery

Product Characteristics

  • Liquid dose volumes of 100 µl
  • Powder dosage – maximum filling volume 140 mm3
  • Drug product and delivery device protected before use
  • Patient-independent performance for UDS Powder
  • Convenient, ready-to-use primeless devices
  • Conventional filling techniques


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