Growing Confidence in Airless Dispensing

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In recent years, the market of drugs using the topical application route has been growing considerably. Using the human skin to distribute medication to the patient’s body attracts drug developers for its improved safety and convenient use. Consequently, the number of formulations for dermal application is growing continuously. Challenging bulks, increasing regulatory requirements, the need to differentiate in a crowded marketplace, and a patient centered view are raising the bar for pharmaceutical packaging.

A couple billion skin drug units are sold every year, the majority in basic primary packaging. Tubes, jars and bottles are well known but lack addressing urgent demands in modern packaging development. Advanced airless dispensing systems have been introduced into the pharmaceutical market quite some time ago. Up to now, their use is limited to demanding niche products.

This is somewhat surprising as there is a large standard range of airless systems as well as innovative solutions available. Those can support increasing market demands for expert pharmaceutical packaging. Moreover, there are references established on all major regulated markets. Key providers of airless technology have built enough expertise to support drug development projects all the way through to a successful registration and launch.

While attending this Webinar you will learn about market trends in topical dermatology drug dispensing and why Airless Dispensing is a modern solution for topical product packaging. Register today to understand how Trafe Goja’s Airless Dispensing Solutions and expert services can help to make your drug development project a success.

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Dr. Stefan Hellbardt VP Business Development
Dr. Stefan Hellbardt is Vice President Business Development at Trafe Goja. As a trained biologist, he earned his PhD at the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg. Holding various positions in the pharmaceutical industry, he gained more than 15 years of experience in clinical development. Stefan Hellbardt joined Trafe Goja in 2011 to lead the global business development of the application field of Dermal Drug Delivery. In his role, he is instrumental in delivering the expertise and service of Aptar to customers developing pharmaceutical products for topical dermal and transdermal applications.
Thomas Hauser Director Business Development, Pharma and Healthcare
Thomas Hauser is Director Business Development at Trafe Goja. After training and education in Germany, France and Canada he worked in positions with increasing responsibility for business development and sales teams in international companies. Thomas Hauser has a strong background in flexibles, films and other primary packaging. He is a recognized expert in elastomer compounds for the pharmaceutical industry. Within the last years he was responsible for establishing and growing the pharma business for Airless Dispensing Systems globally. It was his mission to set up the Healthcare Division in Mega Airless. After acquisition by Aptar he supported the smooth integration into the Aptar organization ensuring continuous growth of the Airless Dispensing offer for customers of Trafe Goja.
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March 14, 2017 2pm London / 10 am New York 60 min
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Presented by
Dr. Stefan Hellbardt VP Business Development
Thomas Hauser Director Business Development, Pharma and Healthcare
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Key Learning Objectives
  • Understand the principles of Airless Dispensing
  • Benefits of Airless Dispensing for administration of skin products
  • Learn about products available for Airless Dispensing
  • Understand key success elements in the support of development projects using Airless Dispensing
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